The North Sea Regatta is the biggest offshore race in the Netherlands. It all started with the Vuurschepenrace in 1946. This was the application race for the RORC North Sea Race from Harwich, the UK, to the Netherlands. This offshore race was first sailed from Hoek van Holland, the Netherlands, to Harwich. From the early 1970s the application race started in Breskens and after 1984 Scheveningen was the starting point.

Our Story

The name, Vuurschepenrace, was created after merging with the Dutch Light Vessel Race around the lightships in the North Sea. The name comes from the earlier English light vessels or freely translated floating lighthouses, which have now all been replaced by buoys.

In the world of offshore sailing, the Vuurschepenrace stands as a beacon of tradition and competition. It’s the oldest offshore race starting from the Netherlands and always has a warm welcome from the Royal Harwich Yacht Club in Woolverstone. A great tradition is of course the lunch offered by the North Sea Club in the characteristic English pub Butt & Oyster in Pin Mill with a beautiful view over the river Orwell. With the start of the British RORC North Sea Race back to
Scheveningen the next day.

Soon we’ll share some of the great stories, brought to you by sailors from the early hours of this race.

Key Highlights of the Race

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